Mission & Values

New Brighton Union Parish Mission & Values

We are called by Jesus…

  • to be a community that is a life-giving presence in the community. Jesus’ metaphors of being yeast and salt reflect well this mission. For us this involves offering practical ministry and hospitality that is caring, compassionate and hopeful, and embodies Christ in our neighbourhood. We place great importance on our relationships at street level, and with other community groups and organisations.
  • to be a faith community that celebrates inclusivity, and openness to all flavours of spirituality, so that people of faith, or no faith, can walk with us and be part of God’s emerging and sometimes surprising transformational presence.
  • to provide a sacred, healing place in the midst of brokenness that speaks of beauty and transcendence; and to go on celebrating life in all its fullness regardless of circumstances.
  • to partner with others in promoting God’s loving purposes of truth, justice, peace and wholeness for all people, land and water.