The Co-ordinating Minister

Mark Gibson – The Co-ordinating Minister

Kia ora. My name is Mark Gibson, and I have been the part-time co-ordinating minister at New Brighton Union for eight years. Alongside this position I have been engaged in several other creative ministry roles in east Christchurch, and wider community initiatives.

Before ministry my background was in community development, youthwork and peace work.

I have a strongly ecological and social justice-oriented spirituality, and an open and exploratory approach to faith rather than a fundamentalist, judgemental one.

In my experience God often turns up in unexpected places and people and has a habit of challenging our certainties. As a published poet I find metaphors and images feed the inner spirit more than creeds.

For me life in the Spirit is always an adventure and everything that happens along the way is valuable and meaningful.

As I see it the earthquakes have opened huge opportunities for New Brighton. We have a clear choice. We can see ourselves as a hard done by, earthquake-ravaged, neglected community; or as the creative edge of the city. The latter choice is the more empowering one. The Gospel I know and celebrate is all about empowerment.

You are quite likely to see me cycling or walking around the village or hanging out in a local café. You might even hear me on air fronting an Eastern Rising Show on Plains FM.

I am always keen to connect with people and to hear about the things that are on your heart and mind, the things that inspire you, the things that trouble you. I will listen in confidence, and without hidden agendas. It could be in my office in the Village House; at the regular Tuesday coffee morning or Thursday lunch (both in our Hospitality Room); or somewhere more neutral around the village.

You can contact me through the parish office. I hope that you do!